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Kaprow chicken
Penang curry
Kaprow beef

Our Journey

Comfort Thai food

​Ever since our founder started Yaay Yaay, this little Thai Food Stall has become a staple in London. Serving hungry eaters near and far, we’re continuously changing our location and evolving our menu — always keeping our dishes fresh and unique. 

Find us hitting the streets daily, where we’re making sure that your food comes out quick and tastes delicious. Whether you’ve got time to stick around or you’re just coming to grab an on-the-go bite to eat, we got you covered. Stop on by at one of our locations!

We might be parked at a location near you soon. Come say hi, your taste buds will be glad you did.


Our Locations

Find Us

Thu-Fri 17-21.00
Sat 12 - 21.00

Eat17 Bishop's Stortford

Our new location at Eat17 Bishop's Stortford. We have expanded our menu inclusive to Bishop's Stortford residences only.

Sunday 10 -16.00

Crystal palace park

Crystal palace park is a newbie market in South London, and our stall is there from 10 - 15 on Sundays. Check our schedule and preview our menu online. Our specials are seasonal, so stop by Yaay Yaay for a fresh and tasty bite.

Sunday 10-17.00

Victoria park market

There are lots of food stalls to choose from at Victoria park market but there’s only one Yaay Yaay. We love that you’re browsing our site, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to come and say hi in person. We’re waiting for you!


Contact Us

Get in touch to find out more about offerings, menus, catering and special events.


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